Hey from Japan- or wherever the moving van arrives- Emily Cannell

It`s time for another captivating installment of our continuing series. We switch our attention to practices less commonly discussed in the journalling done on the plane ride home, however, that doesn`t mean it isn`t exciting.

Today`s riveting cultural tidbit?

“You know you`re in Japan when you stare at construction workers.” Perhaps openly goggle might be a better description.

The reasons are obvious. Just like women in the US who walk by a crowded construction site to find themselves the center of attention, these guys too are tired of the catcalls, stares, and overt gestures of affection. But women like me continue anyway in appreciation. So let`s continue.

Obviously, there are few pictures on this subject. TokyoBling introduced me to the value of a “Widowmaker”- a very long lens with a high resolution- of which I do not own. The subjects of this post did not readily agree to having their…

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