Standing Ovation, Seated

The first two weeks of July is when cars, trains, and boats carry thousands of  visitors to Montreux, a small and otherwise quiet lake-side town 80 km away from Geneva. Jazz Festival.

There are 4 or 5 stages with good to exceptional performances each day, plus a chance to get on the Salsa/Tango Boat during the day. Unlike those festivals that turn fertile fields badlands for decades after the stage is taken away, Montreux is civilised, even with Switzerland being very liberal about drinking age. Well, yes, and drinking volume, now that you’re asking. In ten years I’ve been coming to the festival, I witnessed one fist-fight among teenagers that attracted so much police attention I thought Justin Bieber must have been one of the teens.

No, Don’t be repulsed. Justin is not coming. B.B.King, Santana, Clapton, Joe Cocker, Prince,  George Thorogood, Lilly Allen, Alice Cooper, Herbie Hancock, Deep Purple with…

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